Our Strategy

Our business launched almost 10 years ago with the idea of producing premium German sausage and cold cuts for the Indian market, focusing on hotels and catering. Today we sell over one hundred products through our own stores, retail and home delivery partners as well as supplying premium hospitality chains.


With the exception of our proprietary spice mixes, all of our supply chain is local. We operate according to stringent local and international quality standards. We are proud to have kept operating throughout the Covid-19 epidemic and our sales have grown to their highest level ever, as more customers learn to appreciate our premium meat products in their home. Recognising the global demand for vegan products, we have also been trialling vegan alternatives for our leading products with the aim to have them taste just as good.


MNK International Limited is a privately held holding company for food production and distribution businesses. Each of our subsidiaries complies with the relevant local statutory requirements as well as our Environmental, Social and Governance principles. We and our supply chain partners adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and animal welfare. We invest significantly in our workforce while ensuring equality and inclusion in our HR programmes.

Our growth to date has been funded by private individual shareholders excited by the market opportunity. As we grow our business to serve a wider market, we are boosting manufacturing capacity and investing in e-commerce and retail distribution. For this we expect to secure one or more institutional investors during 2021.

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